Blooming of the exotic lotus flowers, colourful summer flowerbeds and fresh water lilies’ ponds...



01 April 2019

Spring is the season of the awakening of nature. The blooming of buds, the flourishing of plants, the explotion of colors and the scents after the long cold winter. The season repr...

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09 June 2019

From June to August...let yourself be enchanted by the different species of water lilies you will find in the ponds along the gardens and by the grand pond full of lotus flowers, N...

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VICTORIA CRUZIANA from 20th June until the end of October

20 June 2019

It is the queen of water plants and it is native to the areas of the big river basins of South America (Amazon, Paranà). Starting from 1956 it has found its natural habitat inside ...

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14 July 2019

By signing up for an annual FAI membership, you will take special deals during these periods:   From 7th  to 14th April 2019  From 14th to 21th July 2019       From 15th al 22th S...

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20 July 2019

From the last decade of July until late October. The “Dahlia Maze” charms and enchants its visitors with the view of over 1.700 plants in flower, subdivided in over 350 varieties, ...

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